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Inmate Information

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Account Balances

The Inmate Trust Balance is the balance available for the Inmate to spend.
The Inmate Debt Balance is the amount owed to our agency for Jail-related fees.
Upon release from the Jail, an Inmate’s Debt Balance will be offset against the Inmate Trust Balance, and the net amount will be paid to the Inmate upon release. If the Inmate Debt Balance exceeds the Inmate Trust Balance, no amount will be paid to the inmate upon release.


A bond amount of $0.00 indicates that either no bond is due or the inmate has been released or sentenced.

The data on this site provides only arrest and booking information and is provided for informational purposes only. This data may not reflect charging decisions made by the State Attorney's Office or the outcome of criminal trials. To obtain the final disposition of any criminal charges, contact the Seminole County Clerk of Court

Posting Bond

- Surety Bonds:

Surety bonds are accepted from registered bail agents. A list of registered bail agents is located in the main lobby at the John E. Polk Correctional Facility. You may also refer to the telephone book or internet. The Seminole County Sheriff’s Office cannot, and will not, recommend a bail agent.

- Cash Bonds:

Cash bonds are accepted in the full amount of the bond. Each bond must be paid separately. In order to post a cash bond, you will need to present a valid photo I.D. No personal checks will be accepted.

Purging an inmate’s child support payment:

If a John E. Polk Correctional Facility inmate has been arrested for failure to pay child support, the inmate can purge the child support payment, or have someone else purge the child support payment, in order to facilitate the inmate’s release.

Cash/Check/Money Order:

Purges are accepted in the full amount of the purge using cash, cashier’s check or money order. In order to pay a purge, you will need to present a valid photo I.D. All bank checks and Money Orders must be made payable to the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office, and should include the inmate booking number. No personal checks or surety bonds will be accepted.

Important Notice

F.S. 903.286 requires the Clerk of the Court to withhold from the return of a cash bond posted on behalf of a criminal defendant by a person other than a bail bond agent, sufficient funds to pay any unpaid court fees, court costs, and criminal penalties. This means that if the defendant for whom you are posting bond owes costs and penalties, those fees will be taken out of the bond money you posted. You may receive only a portion or none of the posted bond money even though the defendant makes all timely court appearances. F.S. 903.26(2)(b) states that if a defendant fails to appear at the time, date and place of required appearance, the bond money will be forfeited.

Inmate Account Deposits

Money may be posted to an inmate account by one of the following:

  1. Online/Web: Visit which accepts Visa and Mastercard credit/debit cards.
  2. Phone: Call 1-866-345-1884 – Visa and Mastercard credit/debit cards accepted. Bilingual agents are available 24/7.
  3. Cash Walk In: Visit to enroll and find locations near you, or call 1-844-340- 2274 for more information. Or visit or call 1-877-223-2274.
  4. Mail In: Money orders must be mailed and must include a completed Money Order Deposit Form.. Mail to the following address:
    Secure Deposits – Seminole County
    PO BOX 12486
    St Louis, Missouri 63132
Once funds have been deposited into an inmate’s account they will not be returned. Funds may only be released to an Attorney or Bail Agent for the purpose of posting bond.

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