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Juvenile Alternative Sanctions Program

Repeat misdemeanor cases, some felony cases, and cases involving children in need of services (counseling, drug assessment, etc.) can be referred to J.A.S.P. if the juvenile accepts responsibility for the charged offense (guilty or no contest). A hearing is conducted by a Prosecution Alternatives for Youth (P.A.Y.) services Arbitrator/Hearing Officer and sanctions are issued.

The juvenile is given a specific amount of time to complete all sanctions. His/her progress is monitored by the P.A.Y. staff. When all sanctions are completed, the State Attorney is notified and the charges are dropped.

If the juvenile does not complete the sanctions(s) as assigned, the case is returned to the State Attorney for prosecution.

When a juvenile is charged with a delinquent act the State Attorney reviews the charge and the juvenile's prior record to determine if the case would be referred to the Prosecution Alternatives for Youth (P.A.Y.) office. Once referred to and accepted by P.A.Y., the juvenile and his/her parents or guardian are offered the option of accepting P.A.Y. or staying in the Juvenile Court System. If the juvenile and his/her parents/guardian accept P.A.Y. services the case will be referred to one of several programs within P.A.Y.: Teen Court, a judiciary format where most of the participants are teens; or the Juvenile Alternatives Services Program (JASP) a service which addresses more involved cases (felonies) and can include counseling and/or drug assessment. The P.A.Y. office makes the final determination regarding the program to which the case will be assigned.

After the youth has accepted responsibility, the case is heard, guilt is determined, sanctions will be assigned based upon the infraction. Sanctions vary with each case but are usually one or more of these:
  • Community Service Work
  • Restitution
  • Law Awareness Class
  • Drug Awareness Class
  • Domestic Violence Class
  • Counseling
  • Letters/Essays

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