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Prosecution Alternatives for Youth (P.A.Y.)

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are the parents required to participate in the program?
    Yes, parents are expected to participate in the orientation, hearing, office meetings, and possibly some classes. Parents are also required to sign documentation along with their child.

  • What is the cost of the PAY program?
    The administrative cost for PAY is $50.00. All youth are also expected to pay a required fee of $3.15 for the cost of insurance. Please make money orders out to Seminole County Board of County Commissioners. It is a must you make the money order out for the exact amount listed above.

  • What happens if I don't finish or decline the PAY program?
    Your case will be returned to the State Attorney’s office and they will determine the next step.

  • What is the difference between a hearing and orientation?
    You are provided an orientation day to learn more about the Prosecution Alternative for Youth, PAY. A hearing is like your day in “Court,” where you will receive sanctions that must be completed in the PAY program. At the orientation you can expect to watch a video to learn more about the PAY program. The Juvenile Intake Officer will facilitate the meeting and answer all questions. A parent and youth will fill out the necessary paperwork to enroll in the PAY program, if they choose to participate. During the hearing, the parent and child can expect to have a trained volunteer Hearing Officer to hear the case. Victims and law enforcement sometimes choose to participate in the hearing process. The Hearing Officer will give everyone an opportunity to speak. Sanctions will be assigned, program expectation reviewed, and signatures gathered to conclude the meeting. A drafted service plan will also be signed and forwarded to your Juvenile Diversion Officer.

  • What are sanctions?
    Sanctions are the items you must complete while in the PAY program, which may include classes, community service, apology letters, essay, and pay any restitution. Restitution is money owed to a victim for damaged property or to replace a stolen item. The Juvenile Diversion officer may change sanctions after the hearing to address requirements from the State Attorney’s Office, PAY expectations, and/or the TASC referral that was completed during your screening at the Juvenile Assessment Center.

  • Where can I drop off my essay, community service, and apology letters?
    You can drop off your items at the Prosecution Alternative for Youth Program. Our office is located at 190 Eslinger Way, Sanford, FL 32773. The office is located in the Juvenile Justice Center. Keep a copy of all items for your record. Generally, items may be submitted to your Juvenile Diversion Officer via email or fax. However, you should double check with your Juvenile Diversion Officer to ensure this process is appropriate for your case. Keep a copy of all items for your record.

  • What happens if I refuse to follow the mandated requirements?
    If you refuse to follow the mandated requirements you can be potentially dismissed from the program. Mandated sanctions are: call case officer weekly, conduct and curfew 6 pm daily, mandatory school attendance, random urinalysis and restricted associations/places and may include restricted driving.

  • Where can I complete my community service hours?
    The PAY program has a list of community service sites that are often attached in your service plan package. However, you may complete your community service hours at any nonprofit organization that will accept you. This may include a church, a food bank, or shelter. Community Service hours can be logged on the Community Service Timesheet. In the event you misplace your time sheet please print and take it with you to your community service site. This form should be used by PAY participants only. Volunteers needs to use the volunteer time sheet to log their community service.

  • I am a Juvenile on probation and need to sign up for a court ordered sanction, where do I go and what should I bring?
    Please come to the Prosecution Alternative for Youth Program, PAY is located in the Juvenile Justice Center building at 190 Eslinger Way in Sanford, FL 32773. You must bring with you a copy of the court minutes that indicate the sanctions that need to be completed through PAY. It is also helpful to have your Probation Officer’s name, but is not required to sign up. Please be mindful that classes fill up fast and you should make every attempt to sign up early and attend your class as scheduled. Failure to sign up early may result in a delay of getting your case closed through the PAY office. A staff member will have you complete additional paperwork when you come to the office. Generally, we will give you a date for your class when you come into the PAY. We will only sign you up for classes that are supervised and monitored by PAY. All other classes or counseling, please see your probation officer.

  • Where do I find out more information on expungement?
    You may contact Florida Department of Law Enforcement, (FDLE). FDLE can be reached at (850) 410-7870 or visit their website www.fdle.state.fl.us for more information and to download the paperwork. Please note receiving a successful closure from the PAY program does not guarantee eligibility for expungement. FDLE makes the final determination. You may stop by the PAY office and pick up the initial paperwork needed for expungement. You should always verify the paperwork with FDLE to ensure accuracy. Expungement can only be started after you have received the final notice from the State Attorney’s Office. Youth in the Civil Citation program do not need to request expungement.

  • What are the volunteer opportunities in the PAY program?
    Our volunteers are the heart of our program. There are several ways you can assist the PAY program. We use adult, middle, and high school students in Teen Court. Our Juvenile Alternative Service Program, JASP utilizes adult volunteers to facilitate hearings for youth in the PAY program. College age students, who meet the criteria, may complete an internship program with the PAY office.

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