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Prosecution Alternatives for Youth (P.A.Y.)

The Seminole County Prosecution Alternatives for Youth (P.A.Y.) consists of Teen Court, J.A.S.P., the Juvenile Alternative Services Program. These programs exist as alternatives to formal court proceedings for delinquent juveniles. We promote accountability to the victim and the community, through activities such as restitution and community service work. We also provide opportunities for personal improvement, such as competency classes, counseling, and work skills.

P.A.Y. is staffed with 8 full time staff members, and over 25+ volunteers. Our Volunteer Hearing Officers are the heart of the P.A.Y. Program. Each Hearing Officer completes a training course which includes juvenile justice procedures, juvenile criminal law, communication/conflict resolution, hearing procedures, and sanction philosophy. In order to remain active in the program, each Hearing Officer must complete a minimum of six hours in-service training annually. If you are interested in volunteering as a Hearing Officer, more information can be found here.

Civil Citation

Juvenile Alternative Services Program

Teen Court

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions, please contact the Prosecution Alternatives for Youth (P.A.Y.) Program at 407-665-5484 or YSPAYQuestions@seminolesheriff.org .

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